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Outpatient Infusion Treatments

We provide medically prescribed infusions for patients with chronic disease in a comfortable, friendly environment instead of a hospital.

Why Outpatient Infusion Therapy?

Long-term health issues are stressful and expensive. During the past few years, in attempts to lower costs, insurance companies have forced patients who need infusion therapy to seek treatment in outpatient clinics. This can become even more overwhelming for patients who already have to deal with the less than ideal reality of having a needle stuck in them on a regular basis.

That’s why we created Infusion Associates. We provide the same quality care patients can traditionally receive at a hospital, but we do so in a comfortable and cost-friendly environment with staff who treat you like family. We also provide WiFi, big-screen TVs, and cozy armchairs.

I appreciate how friendly the staff was. They made an iron infusion a very easy experience. They were helpful with questions I had when handling my insurance claims.

-Stephanie Gilliam

Our Core Infusion Therapies

Our clinic provides infusion therapy for illnesses that require the administration of medications through a needle or catheter. If you have a prescription from your physician, we offer treatment for the following conditions:

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