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Infusion Therapy for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone condition that mimics the same effect upon our bones as the aging process, but earlier and more quickly.

Healthy bones are composed of a hard, protective outside perimeter called the cortex, inside of which is a hollow space called the medullary cavity, which contains marrow.  A young healthy body constantly absorbs material from the cortex layer and replaces it at the same rate, so there is little difference in bone structure over time. As we age, however, we begin losing cortex material at a slightly faster rate than it can be replaced, which changes the ratio of hard, protective outside bone to the open medullary cavity inside. This naturally occurring process is why older people can tend to suffer fractures more often than younger people. Bones become increasingly brittle with age.

Osteoporosis is a condition where this same process of bone loss occurs, but at a younger age and at a more rapid rate. While the disease can occur at any age, risk increases the older we get. For many women, osteoporosis begins to develop a year or two before menopause.

Many people have no symptoms or do not recognize the signs until they suffer a bone fracture. Early signs of osteoporosis include receding gums, weak grip strength and brittle fingernails.

While increased exercise, calcium, Vitamin D and physician-prescribed oral medications can be effective, doctors may suggest infusion therapies to help increase bone density or slow its reduction. 

Currently, there are two commonly prescribed FDA-approved bisphosphonates, which are infused medications specifically designed to slow down bone loss and improve bone mass: BONIVA (ibandronate) and RECLAST (zoledronic acid). These are both excellent alternatives for patients who have failed to receive relief from oral medications and are viable alternatives for patients who cannot swallow pills or for those who cannot tolerate the common side effects of oral osteoporosis medications.

At Heartland Infusion, we can procure these and other physician-prescribed infusion medications quickly and cost effectively. If infusion therapy for osteoporosis interests you, please contact us for information, or inquire about these medications and Heartland Infusion with your physician.