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Recover Quickly from Mild Dehydration

Mild dehydration is actually a pretty common occurrence. Sometimes it’s from consuming too much alcohol. Sometimes mild dehydration occurs as a result of  participating in a high-endurance sporting event like a marathon. Still other times, mild dehydration occurs after extended bouts of vomiting and/or diarrhea from the flu, food poisoning or other illnesses, or from the nausea that sometimes accompanies chemotherapy.

But if you do become mildly dehydrated—mild enough that emergency medical care is unnecessary, yet oral rehydration just isn’t doing the trick—where do you go?

You could go to a hospital emergency room, but if you don’t require emergency medical intervention, you don’t meet the criteria for ER care. Plus, they’re often crowded, which means a long wait, and the cost to visit an ER is exorbitant.

According to an article by Mira, “The average ER visit in Florida can cost $3,102.” (Corso, 2022.) Other factors can drive up the cost from there, including tests conducted, specialists, possible hospital admittance and more.

You might think then that urgent care is the way to go; unfortunately, however, most urgent care facilities do not provide IV hydration therapy and, if they do, there will likely be laboratory fees, a provider examination fee and an additional charge for the IV hydration service itself. In addition, long waits are common at urgent care facilities.  

So where then does a mildly hydrated individual who does not require emergency medical care go for IV hydration fluids? We know! 

At Heartland Infusion, we have a number of hydration formulas based on your particular needs, and you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of a hospital ER visit or at an urgent care facility. You’ll also receive personalized, professional care quickly in a clean, hygienic and relaxing environment. Most of our IV infusions cost less than $400, take less than an hour to infuse, and we can usually accommodate you the same day you contact us for an appointment.

Big day today after much too big of a night last night? That marathon a little more than you bargained for? At Heartland Infusion, we’d love to help you feel better. Whether its with our Ultimate Recovery (Banana Bag) hydration formula including B-Complex, B-12, magnesium and thiamine or any of our core infusion therapies, we can have you rehydrated, feeling great and on your way at an affordable cost and in a reasonable amount of time.