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Infusion Therapy for Chronic Conditions

A chronic condition or illness is typically defined as ill health continuing for greater than one year regardless of the intensity, duration or frequency of symptoms. In addition, chronic illness can be a firm diagnosis, of unknown origin or somewhere in between.

Even infrequent pain, nausea, headaches, dizziness, dysphoria or any of the many common symptoms of ill health can take a toll on the sufferer if they occur regularly. Not only are the actual symptoms of chronic illnesses usually unpleasant to downright agonizing, but the expectations of their return can instill emotional upset as well including anxiety, depression and self-image issues.

Add to that the possible logistical problems that may accompany chronic symptoms-from an inability to work and the related financial blowback to withdrawing from friends and social situations, and even failure to keep up with household chores—and the associated challenges become very apparent.

Chronic conditions are usually treated, at least initially, with oral and/or topical medications. When those physician prescribed routes fall short, however, often IV therapy can provide great relief. Because medications administered using infusion therapy are delivered directly into the bloodstream, this process of administration can bypass many of the obstacles that stand in the way of some oral and topical medications.

Additional reasons for chronically ill patients to seek the next step and opt for infusion therapy include:

 The patient is too sick to effectively take oral medication.
 Oral and topical medications no longer have an impact.
 Stomach acid or gastrointestinal issues will eliminate or severely weaken the oral medication’s effectiveness.

Some of the more commonly IV infused medications for chronic conditions include:
 Antibiotics

 Antifungals
 Antivirals
 Chemotherapies

Infusions can also administer biologic drugs, which are medications derived from living cells. They include:

 Blood factors
 Corticosteroids
 Erythropoietin
 Immune system suppressants  
 Growth hormones
 Immunoglobulin

Infusion therapy can also be used to supply vitamins and minerals and treat dehydration. IV therapy can also treat chronic autoimmune conditions, such as:

 Rheumatoid arthritis
 Crohn’s disease
 Osteoporosis
 Systemic lupus
 Psoriasis
 Gout

If infusion therapy for a chronic condition interests you—or IV therapy for general health and wellness—please contact Heartland Infusion Pharmacy. We can procure most physician-prescribed and wellness infusions promptly and cost effectively.