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Referring Providers

Referring A Patient

We strive to be an extension of your practice as you care for your patients. We understand that your patients have placed their trust in you and we value that trust above all. We exclusively provide infusion therapy treatments. When you refer patients to us, you are working hand-in-hand with a team of healthcare professionals committed to providing a comfortable, welcoming experience to your patients.

All of our treatments are monitored by a pharmacist, a physician or an advanced practice provider and a registered nurse. You have direct access to our team at any time.

The conditions we often treat include autoimmune diseases, Crohn’s Disease, dehydration, electrolyte deficiencies, gout, endocarditis, enzyme deficiencies, iron deficiency anemia, arthritis, ulcerative colitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, osteomyelitis, recurring sinusitis, among others.

To refer a patient, please fax us the following forms to (865) 862-4556:

  • Order Form
  • Contact information
  • Insurance information
  • Diagnosis with supporting documentation

Our Core Infusion Therapies

Our clinic provides infusion therapy for illnesses that require the administration of medications through a needle or catheter. If you have a prescription from your physician, we offer treatment for the following conditions:

Benefits of Receiving Treatments from Us

At Heartland Infusion, we want to make you feel like you have an entire support team dedicated to making treatment sessions as comfortable as possible.

  • We provide high-quality care while avoiding expensive hospitalizations
  • Treatment is monitored by a physician or advanced practice provider and a registered nurse
  • A pharmacist is available to help with dosing, individualized care plans, and education
  • Insurance verifications and authorizations obtained prior to first visit