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Is Heartland Infusion Pharmacy Right for Me?

Selecting an Infusion Therapy Center 

The proliferation of infusion therapy and IV therapy centers throughout the country has exploded, providing patients with many choices about where they receive their IV infusion treatments. However, all infusion therapy centers are not created equal. Following are qualities that the experts at Heartland Infusion Pharmacy suggest you look for when selecting an IV therapy center. 

Staff Education and General Level of Expertise

The requirements to open and operate an infusion therapy center vary state to state, but generally there is licensing by the Agency for Healthcare Administration involved and certain other certifications and professional experience necessary. However, while these qualifications do ensure a minimum level of care, just like when selecting a physician or surgery center, etc., it’s reassuring when the staff is educated and experienced, and the infusion therapy center is adept at the type of IV therapy you require. 

Does the IV therapy center 
depict its staff members online and describe their qualifications?

Does the infusion therapy center 

list its core infusion therapy treatments and 

the medications it administers? At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we do. 

Insurance Coverage and Filing Assistance

An IV therapy center that accepts healthcare insurance is a great indicator in and of itself of the quality of care it provides. Insurance companies rarely pay for medical care that does not meet stringent industry guidelines. This general litmus test is akin to your health insurance covering mainstream medical care and physician visits versus not paying for holistic care like acupuncture, for example, which is often the case.  

Does the IV therapy center you’re considering  accept health insurance, assist with filing claims and provide a bona fide financial policy? At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we do. 

Cleanliness and Customer Service

Because of the popularity of infusion treatment, patients have options with a wide array of IV therapy centers from which to choose. Is the infusion treatment center that you’re considering as clean as any medical facility? It better be! As relatively non-invasive as infusion therapy is, it still involves IV treatment, which, if unsterile, can introduce bacteria and promote illness. Is the facility hospital-clean? Don’t be afraid to inquire about the infusion therapy center’s cleaning and sterilization procedures. 

Also, how friendly, compassionate and accommodating is the staff? Professionalism, reassurance and compassion in any medical situation is a must. You have a choice when selecting an infusion therapy center. Ask questions, visit the facility and exercise your choice. Make sure the treatment facility that you are considering presses all the right buttons for you. 

Science of the Environment and Technical Logistics

As common as the dispensing of medication is, few people think much about how medication gets from the pharmaceutical manufacturer to the pharmacy and how it’s stored, etc. But the technical logistics play a big role even before administering. Inquire about acquisition and storage of the infusion therapy center’s medications, temperatures at which they’re stored, shelf life, purification of the air in which they reside, handling and more. 

At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, a multitude of best practices involving the science of our environment and the technical logistics behind each and every medication we administer are addressed and upheld. 

Accommodations, Comfort and Convenience

The time from arrival to departure of a typical IV therapy session varies by particular treatment. However, most patients can count on a duration of at least three hours or so. That’s a substantial block of time around which an IV therapy patient may have to make arrangements. Ask the infusion therapy center about the following accommodations:

Do you have private treatment rooms as well as open seating?

Do you provide WiFi? Television? Reading material? 

Are there accommodations for accompanying children and adults? 

Is the center in proximity to restaurants, retail and other conveniences? 

Do you offer transportation to and from treatment? 

Do you offer infusion therapy during the weekend?

At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, the answer to each is yes. We offer private rooms, concierge services, accommodations for family and all the comforts of home. Unlike a lot of medical facilities, at Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we do our best to work around YOUR logistical needs, and that includes weekend care when necessary and always being available to answer questions. 

Home Infusion Therapy Services

Lastly, does the center that you’re considering provide infusion therapy in the comfort and convenience of your home? At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we can come to you to administer your IV therapy by a trained staff professional or, for seasoned infusion therapy veterans, safely deliver your medication for self-administer. If home infusion therapy sounds intriguing,  please inquire. We’d love to provide you with details about all your home infusion treatment options.