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Hospital-Level Quality in an Outpatient Setting that’s More Comfortable than Home

Why Do Physicians Send Their Patients to Heartland?

The costs of hospital care, even on an outpatient basis, continue to climb, as do the types of illness and conditions for which infusion therapy is prescribed, which is why the popularity of IV therapy centers has skyrocketed. However, unlike in many other industries, medical services provided by an outside vendor must be of the highest quality, precision and accuracy. Furthermore, the most successful patent care involves skill and experience as well as compassion, understanding and finesse. 

Patient infusion therapy referrals are not like a builder enlisting subcontract help from an independent plumber. Just as individuals have choices about where to obtain their IV therapy, so too do doctors about where to refer their patients. Following is why more doctors choose Heartland Infusion Pharmacy: 

Medication Inventory

At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we stock more than 40 of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics, hydration formulas and pain management IV medications stored in a sterile environment containing purified air under humidity- and temperature-controlled conditions. We also have access to the top pharmaceutical suppliers for immediate dispense of specialty infusion medications. Long waits for procurement of medications is never an issue at Heartland Infusion Pharmacy.   Medications we administer.

Staff Experience 

At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we are not only licensed and certified by the Agency for Healthcare Administration, but our advanced practice provider, registered nurses and medical assistants are educated and experienced. We’ve been doing this a long time, over many thousands of patients in multiple locations. 

Hate needles? Reluctant about receiving IV therapy outside of a hospital setting? We understand because each of us has been in the shoes of our patients. At Heartland, we pride ourselves on our compassion and empathy. If your physician has referred you to us, he or she knows of our reputation;  we invite you to get to know us as well. 

Communication and Care Facilitation

The more paperwork and administration that your referring physician can delegate to an outside source, the better for his or her practice and office staff. Fortunately, when your doctor refers you to Heartland Infusion Pharmacy for your IV therapy, he or she has selected the best in the business for navigating the labyrinth of processes, communication and health insurance facilitation. 

At Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we’re professionals, assisting with insurance approvals and appeals and coordination and communication with your physician and directly between patients and referring providers. We also document all patient therapy issues and patient status upon each treatment.  Here are a few of the items your physician considers when making a referral to Heartland Infusion Pharmacy. 

General Comforts, Conveniences & Accommodations

Remember, your physician has a choice. Here are a few additional comforts, conveniences and accommodations that we provide at Heartland Infusion Pharmacy for your doctor’s referral consideration:

Private treatment rooms as well as open seating

WiFi, television and reading materials 

Accommodations for accompanying children and adults 

Proximal location to restaurants, retail and other conveniences 

Transportation to and from treatment if necessary 

Weekend infusion therapy if necessary

Home infusion services and self-administered medications

If you’re considering infusion therapy services for yourself from Heartland Infusion Pharmacy, we invite you to  contact us for more information. If you’re a physician, we would love to become your go-to IV therapy referral.  Please contact us for more information.